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Farhan Ansari

First of all who is student? A person who is studying in school, college or university in order to gain education. And education is where students get formed through education students understand fact and figures. And help himself his strength and freedom in his life.

Students can play a very significant role in the society. How the society shaped generation after generation. The fact is very simple we united we stand and divided we fall. Now let’s talk about our i mean students student’s responsibilities. Studying is the main occupation of a student but being youthful and energetic they can engage themselves in the various forms of social works in their spare of time or in a moment of crisis.

But here is the problem we have… What is the problem? “The world is want to see you fail” Whenever you want to do something for our society development there is always someone who dislike your work. They never want to see your success. Now there are two types of people live in our society. The first one is there are lot’s of negative minded people live are increasing in our society. The student’s, the youth, the future generation are going into wrong track wrong addiction or something like that. So, what is the causes of all these things occurred in our society? The reason is very simple that is due to lack of education, lack of positive motivation and lack of proper educational environment.

So, it is our responsibility to bring them back in right track. It is our responsibility to teach them what is right or what is wrong. So how can we help them? Yes we can help them by organising/providing educational training programs, educational seminars, workshop awareness program etc. To make them understand that in this modern age without education you are like a not in existance. It is our responsibility of fighting against corrupt people who are just fillings their pockets and sit back and doing nothing for the development of society. We can fight against these types of people with the help of knowledge and aware the people who live in our society.

Apart from all these things there is also positive minded people live in our society. Who want to do something great in his life or who want to develop their society. But they can’t explore and express their feelings infront of audience. Because they are not getting a platform a stage to shows their Hardwork. They are not getting a personal support from their family and relatives. So, it is our responsibility to give them a platform a educational environment where we can make our society people educated and develop their skill and confidence. Whatever problems are consider in our society which we think that is wrong. It is our responsibility to change it (Why) because we are educated. At least we know that is wrong what is right. We have weapon of knowledge use it never sit back and doing nothing.

OK now suppose you already think it is my responsibility to change my society. I need do it. But how do you complete your responsibility. You cannot do it by just reading books and gained education. The main part is you need skill. Because skills teach us how to face reality, how to do it in practical way. So serve and use your knowledge skills to develop our society.

At last i wanna say that (society is a place where both negative and positive people live) So, Acknowledge, accept our responsibility towards our society and never just dreamed about that just change in behaviour and take action.

Thank you

Farhan Ansari

सम्बन्धित खबर